Tuesday, March 6, 2018

New Washington State Net Neutrality Law

Governor Jay Inslee of the State of Washington has signed into law a bipartisan first-in-America legislative bill to protect net neutrality and reinstate the 2015 FCC rules protecting net neutrality, which the FCC itself repealed last year.

The new law states that by June 6, 2018 Internet service providers cannot manipulate customer Internet speeds and content access, and also that broadband providers must transparently disclose more information to their subscribers.

"The open Internet lives on for Washingtonians," Governor Jay Inslee declared after signing Washington's net neutrality bill into state law.

The new Washington net neutrality law does not prevent ISPs from enforcing data limits or stop such companies from allowing content to bypass data limits.

The FCC has preemptively declared that states are not allowed to make their own net neutrality laws, so Washington's new law is expected to be met by an FCC lawsuit against the Evergreen State -- the home of Amazon, Starbucks, Boeing and UPS.

State after state now has governors signing executive orders -- without support from their legislatures -- to stop state agencies from conducting business with ISPs that do not support the principles of net neutrality.

Washington is the first state in the Union to openly defy the FCC by successfully legislating a statewide technology policy against network discrimination.

More than half of U.S. states are either passing, drafting or deliberating their own state net neutrality bills, unfettered by how the Federal Communications Commission feels about it.

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) has proposed a congressional bill to (1) prevent Internet service providers from blocking lawful content, (2) allow ISP throttling and fast lanes, and (3) ban states from passing their own net neutrality rules.

Proponents of net neutrality in the United States Senate are currently gathering support for a proposal to force the FCC to maintain its net neutrality protections.

Watch Washington State Governor Jay Inslee sign America's first net neutrality technology law in the following video provided by the State of Washington.