Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Lawmakers Living in U.S. Capitol Offices as Squatters

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus are demanding an ethics investigation into the widespread practice of U.S. lawmakers sleeping in the offices of the U.S Capitol building and effectively gaming the system for free rent at taxpayer expense.

Outraged congressmembers signed a letter to Ethics Committee Chairwoman Susan Brooks (R-IN) and ranking member Ted Deutch (D-FL) asking for a probe into the "legality and propriety" of unethical and unsanitary conduct that may violate House rules and federal law.

"There's something unsanitary about bringing people to your office who are talking about public policy where you spent the night," declared Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS), "And that's unhealthy, unsanitary -- and some people would say it's almost nasty."

The disgusted Members argue that the behavior of their fellow congressmembers is unethical, it's beneath the dignity of the office, and it's unfair to other Members who actually pay rent for a place to crash in the Washington, DC area.

What does their letter to the Ethics Committee say?

  • "Members who sleep overnight in their offices receive free lodging, free cable, free security, free cleaning services, and utilize other utilities free of charge in direct violation of the ethics rules which prohibit official resources from being used for personal purposes."
  • "The House office buildings are 'OFFICE' buildings."
  • "Each Member's office within the building should be used to serve the people of the Member's district, not as a personal residence."
  • "The House office buildings are not apartment complexes, homes, or any other kind of residence."

Their letter suggests that if the committee finds such a practice acceptable, that Members residing in House office buildings be taxed at the "fair market value of a Capitol Hill apartment."

Their letter, composed late last year, asked for a response from the Ethics Committee by January 5, 2018.  Today, months later, only the sound of crickets.

No answer.  No investigation.  No resolution.  No action.  No solution.

Still, the flop-house foochie-stank remains in the U.S. Capitol Building -- THE PEOPLE'S office building -- where the carpets are starting to smell like vinegar from the foot-funk of freeloading squatters.

As these cheapskate lawmakers kick back and watch free late night cable TV through a cloud of their own fast-food gas, just know that you are paying for everything with the tax dollars you MUST pay under threat of imprisonment.

To have these congressmen and congresswoman -- many of whom are millionaires -- living in free government housing with servants and "perks" should piss off every American citizen.

The whole thing stinks to high Heaven -- literally -- inside The People's House that now smells like fermenting ball sac.

The United States Capitol building is no place for morning breath -- or morning wood -- so this situation must stop before the U.S. House becomes the world's most infamous "shit-hole."

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