Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Billy Graham National Holiday Petition Sweeps America

So far, 118,000 Americans have signed the petition to make 'Billy Graham Day' a U.S. national holiday honoring the late Rev. Billy Graham, the Christian evangelist who inspired more live audiences than any human in world history.

The 'Billy Graham Day' petition, started by Kyle Siler, 41, of North Carolina, will be presented to President Donald Trump and the U.S. Congress to begin the process of creating the new national holiday across the USA.

"Mr. Graham's counsel was sought by presidents, and his appeal in both the secular and religious arenas is evidenced by the wide range of groups that have honored him," Siler said. "Help us with our cause of setting a national holiday to remember this great man."

Rev. Graham, who died last month at age 99, launched his first Billy Graham Crusade in Southern California with a 1949 outdoor tent revival in Downtown Los Angeles that went so viral the first day that it lasted 60 consecutive days until an exhausted LAPD shut it down.

Wanting to immediately capitalize on the frenzy generated across L.A. by the young, handsome and charismatic speaker, Hollywood studio kingpin Louis B. Mayer offered Billy Graham the most lucrative movie contract in MGM history to make Billy Graham a box office superstar and sex symbol.

Perplexed by the biggest temptation of his young career, Graham stalled Hollywood's biggest starmaker for 24 hours, allowing himself time to pray like he had never prayed in his life -- before turning down Mr. Mayer's offer with kindness, humility and sincere gratitude.

Years later, and much to Graham's humble refusal, Hollywood insisted on placing a star honoring Billy Graham on the Hollywood Walk of Fame due to the high level of respect extended by the titans of Tinseltown to the uncompromisingly principled evangelist.

The City of Los Angeles erected a statue of Billy Graham amid the downtown highrises in honor of the fearlessly inspiring man who changed L.A. before positively influencing California and the United States of America -- and then touching every corner of planet Earth with the love of God.

Signatures are still being collected from across America in support of Billy Graham at the petition page for the BILLY GRAHAM NATIONAL HOLIDAY.

Historic newsreel video by Grace Films.